ひろしま戦前の風景 65.宮島観光
[65]Sightseeing in Miyajima

昭和15年(1940年)2月-3月 撮影:松浦貞美氏
提供:松浦功氏/広島市公文書館 廿日市市宮島町

Filmed February–March 1940 (Showa 15) by Sadayoshi Matsuura
Original film courtesy of Isao Matsuura and Hiroshima Municipal Archives
Miyajima-cho, Hatsukaichi City
Long renowned as one of Japan’s “three most scenic spots” and a divine island, Miyajima (Itsukushima) frequently appears in pre-war amateur films. This footage was filmed by a resident of Hiroshima City on the occasion of a winter trip to Miyajima with relatives. It shows the party visiting places such as Momijidani Park, famous for its autumn colors, and Hiramatsu Park, which was one of the island’s best vantage points for the Great Torii and Itsukushima Shrine.

RCCテレビ60年特別配信『ひろしま 戦前の風景』