ひろしま戦前の風景 60.正月の互礼会
[60]Shogatsu Goreikai

昭和初期 撮影:橘高寿人氏 福山市三之丸町

参考資料: RCCニュース 1995/08/17放送
Filmed in the early Showa era by Yasuto Kittaka
Sannomaru-cho, Fukuyama City
The Shogatsu Goreikai held on the grounds of Fukuyama Castle (today’s Fukuyama Park) was a New Year’s get-together hosted by the municipal government of Fukuyama. According to an eyewitness, the custom was begun so that “different families could exchange New Year’s greetings at Fukuyama Castle without the trouble of visiting each house separately.” Among the people appearing in the footage is Shinichi Anno, the first mayor of Fukuyama City, who was also known for promoting the building of water supply systems.
Reference: RCC News, broadcast on August 17, 1995

RCCテレビ60年特別配信『ひろしま 戦前の風景』