ひろしま戦前の風景 48.「五日市 於 中島亭」より
[48]From “At Nakajimatei in Itsukaichi City”

昭和11年(1936年)5月17日 撮影:中野代吉氏 広島市佐伯区海老山(かいろうやま)町

参考資料:「広島県の歴史絵はがきと観光資料」 広島県立文書館 2010年
Filmed May 17, 1936 (Showa 11), by Daikichi Nakano
Kairoyama-cho, Saeki Ward, Hiroshima City
Itsukaichi Bathing Beach opened around 1887 near Kairoyama. After the arrival of the Sanyo Railway, the area received large numbers of visitors, who came for the saline springs, steam baths, inns, and restaurants. Nakajimatei in the footage was an inn and restaurant serving Japanese and Western fare, established in the Taisho era. Locals born before the war recall that before Rakurakuen opened, the park at Kairoyama and the sea bathing park at Jigozen were the most popular day trip destinations from central Hiroshima City. The park at Kairoyama was expanded and improved after the war, and continues to provide year-round pleasure to the local community.
Reference: Hiroshima Prefectural Archives, Hiroshima-ken no Rekishi Ehagaki to Kanko Shiryo [Hiroshima Prefecture’s Historical Postcards and Tourism Materials] (2010)

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