ひろしま戦前の風景 32.廿日市駅など
[32]Hatsukaichi Station and Other Scenes

昭和13年(1938年) 撮影:栄花文造氏 廿日市市廿日市

参考資料 「廿日市町史 通史編(下)」 廿日市町 1988年
Filmed 1938 (Showa 13) by Bunzo Eika
Hatsukaichi, Hatsukaichi City
Hatsukaichi Shinyo Kumiai (lit. Hatsukaichi Credit Union), which appears at the beginning of the footage, was established in 1910 to provide banking services to the local community. The footage also shows Hatsukaichi Station on the Miyajima Line operated by Hiroshima Gasudenki (today’s Hiroshima Electric Railway). Completed in 1924, the station building was for a long time the company’s only surviving wooden-built station. It was demolished in October 2012 to make way for redevelopment.
Reference: Hatsukaichi-machi, Hatsukaichi-machi-shi Tsushihen Gekan [A Comprehensive History of Hatsukaichi Town, Last Volume] (1988)

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