ひろしま戦前の風景 30.「観音グランド大競馬」より
[30]From “Derby at Kanon Ground”

昭和2年(1927年) 撮影:藤井重一氏 広島市西区南観音

参考資料 「広島の競馬場」 広島市郷土資料館 2010年
Filmed 1927 (Showa 2) by Shuichi Fujii
Minamikanon, Nishi Ward, Hiroshima City
Kanon Ground opened in 1919. It was equipped with wooden stands and hosted baseball and other sports events. It became the venue for Hiroshima’s local-government-sponsored racing events in 1927, when the public racecourse was relocated from Fukawa-mura, Asa-gun (today’s Fukawa, Asakita Ward, Hiroshima City). The footage records the busy racecourse in its inauguration year. Just after four years, however, the racecourse again relocated to Chugoku Ground in Ujina-machi due to lack of space. The site is now part of Kanon Junior High School.
Reference: Hiroshima City Museum of History and Traditional Crafts, Hiroshima no Keiba-jo [Hiroshima’s Racecourses] (2010)

RCCテレビ60年特別配信『ひろしま 戦前の風景』