ひろしま戦前の風景 27.「鞆への遠乗り乗馬会」より
[27]From “Long Ride to Tomo”

昭和初期 撮影:橘高寿人氏 福山市鞆町

参考資料:RCCニュース 1995/08/15放送より
Filmed in the early Showa era by Yasuto Kittaka
Tomo-cho, Fukuyama City
Motion picture filming was a hobby reserved for the privileged few in the early Showa era, when equipment was expensive. A series of home-use movie cameras that achieved enormous popularity among the well-heeled and well-connected of Fukuyama City was the Pathé Baby, manufactured in France. Pathé Baby clubs were born, where some members jointly created amateur movies. The Pathé Baby boom was behind the sizeable stock of early-Showa amateur films surviving in and around Fukuyama City. This footage was recorded by a local Pathé Baby distributer. According to an eyewitness, it shows Fukuyama City government officials and army and police personnel participating in a long ride from Fukuyama City to Tomo, which took place every Sunday. The party rode past Zenitori-bashi Bridge (today’s Kusado Ohashi Bridge) in Kusado-cho, Fukuyama City, visited Nunakuma Shrine, explored the town of Tomo on foot, and rested at Tokiwakan (located where Tomo Seaside Hotel is today).
Reference: RCC News, broadcast on August 15, 1995

RCCテレビ60年特別配信『ひろしま 戦前の風景』