ひろしま戦前の風景 15.「可部町付近の名所」より
[15]From “Sights in and around Kabe Town”

大正15年(1925年)9月 撮影:藤井重一氏 安佐北区可部町

参考資料:「大正時代の広島」 広島市郷土資料館 2007年
Filmed September 1925 (Taisho 15) by Shuichi Fujii
Kabe-cho, Asakita Ward
Filmed by a local resident, the footage shows Kabe Town’s shopping street, Kabe Station when it was still a narrow-gauge railway station, a steam locomotive on the Kabe Line, Funairi-bori (a canal dock later filled to become Myojin Park), and Takamatsu Bridge. Kabe used to be a thriving way station for river and land transport.
Reference: Hiroshima City Museum of History and Traditional Crafts, Taisho-jidai no Hiroshima [Hiroshima in the Taisho Era] (2007)
Compiled with cooperation from Takashige Shinzawa

RCCテレビ60年特別配信『ひろしま 戦前の風景』